• Exceptional Quality

    We offers ghee of unparalleled quality, crafted meticulously using traditional methods to ensure purity and authenticity.

  • Health Benefits

    Made with care, our ghee provides numerous health benefits, promoting digestion, boosting immunity, and supporting overall well-being.

  • Versatility

    Amisaar ghee is incredibly versatile, suitable for various culinary uses such as cooking, baking, and even as a spread, adding richness and depth of flavor to a wide range of dishes.

  • Transparency

    Amisaar is committed to transparency, providing customers with detailed information about our sourcing, production methods, and ingredients, instilling trust and confidence in our product.

  • Rich Flavor

    Our ghee boasts a rich, authentic flavor that enhances the taste of any dish it's added to, elevating culinary experiences.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering exceptional service and support to ensure a positive experience from purchase to consumption.

  • A2 Cow Ghee made sustainably, honoring traditional methods, Preserving purity, health, and nature's delicate balance.

  • A2 Cow Ghee crafted pure, free from hormone's sway, No antibiotics intervene, ensuring nature's way.

  • Animal welfare's paramount decree, With care and compassion, their well-being we guarantee

Our Mission

At Amisaar, our mission is to provide pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee of the highest quality to our customers, ensuring that they experience the unparalleled richness and health benefits of this traditional Indian staple. We are committed to upholding the sacred significance of the Desi cow in our cultural heritage while promoting sustainable practices in dairy farming. Through meticulous care in sourcing and processing, we aim to deliver a product that embodies purity, authenticity, and nutritional excellence. Our dedication to quality extends beyond our ghee; it encompasses our commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction. With every spoonful of Amisaar A2 Desi Cow Ghee, we aspire to enrich lives and nurture well-being, fostering a deeper connection to nature and tradition.

Our Philosophy

Amisaar's unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable ghee production prioritizes animal welfare, avoids harmful pesticides, and uses high-quality, contaminant free milk. We emphasise traditional preparation methods and maintain clean facilities.Eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices, including responsible water use and local sourcing, reinforce our dedication to ethical and eco conscious ghee production.

  • Arpita Kedia

    The A2 cow bilona ghee offers incredible taste and flavor, making it essential for families seeking health benefits and nutritional value. A must-buy product, its richness enhances meals while providing essential nutrients. Embrace its goodness for a wholesome culinary experience that nourishes and delights the whole family.

  • Nipun Gupta

    I've been using this A2 milk ghee for the past 4-5 months, and it's hands down the best! It's incredibly healthy and pure, and I've noticed a real difference in my well-being since I started incorporating it into my diet. Highly recommend giving it a try for yourself!

  • Shikha Gupta

    I recently tried Amisaar ghee at my mom's house, and it was absolutely delicious and authentic! The flavor was unmatched. I only wish they shipped to Australia so I could enjoy it at home too. Truly a gem worth experiencing if you ever get the chance!

Customer Support

We're here to assist our customers in any way we can.