Ghee is great, but which one should you get?

Ghee is great, but which one should you get?

Eating dal without a bit of ghee just isn't as enjoyable! If you're trying to lose weight, you might have heard different views on whether ghee is helpful or harmful. But here's the straightforward truth: like lots of traditional foods, ghee is fine as long as you use just a little bit and choose the right kind.

A teaspoon of ghee gives you 45 calories. It's good for fighting bacteria, makes your joints work better, and helps carry important vitamins. Even though it's a kind of fat, it can actually help move fat from tricky spots in your body. Having 1-2 teaspoons of ghee a day might even help shrink your belly. But if you eat too much, you might gain weight. So, it's best to talk to a dietitian about how much you should have.

There are various types of ghee you can buy. One kind is called Vanaspati Ghee, which has hydrogen added to it. This makes it taste better, but it also puts trans fats in it, which can give you heart problems. It's better to stay away from this kind of ghee.

If you're trying to control your weight, ghee made from cow's milk is better than buffalo milk ghee because it has less fat and calories. But the best choice is homemade ghee, which is made from the cream taken from the top of the milk. It's the healthiest because it doesn't have any preservatives or other fats added to it.

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