Why is ghee is important and why it is better than butter?

Why is ghee is important and why it is better than butter?

Ghee and butter are both used for cooking and are liked by many. Amisaar Ghee is like clarified butter, made by heating butter to remove milk solids and impurities. This makes it a high-quality cooking oil with lots of advantages.

Difference between Ghee and Butter

1. Production: Butter comes from churning cow's milk cream, while ghee is made by heating butter to take out the milk solids, making a clear form of butter.

2. Versatility: Ghee isn't just for cooking—it can also be used on your skin, hair, lips, and even eyes, making it useful in many ways.

3. Smoke Point: Ghee can handle really high heat, up to 482°F, which is better for cooking at high temperatures than butter. Butter starts smoking at 350°F.

4. Shelf Life: Ghee stays good for a long time. You can keep it in your kitchen cabinet for up to six months or in the fridge for up to a year after opening it, so you can use it for a while without it going bad.

5. Lactose/Casein Content: Ghee comes from dairy, but it doesn't have much lactose or casein because those parts are taken out when it's made. That's why it's good for people who are sensitive to dairy.

6. Taste: Ghee tastes really good—it's rich, sweet, and a bit nutty, which makes food taste even better.

What makes ghee a better choice than butter?

Ghee is special because it has lots of good qualities. It can handle high heat without burning, lasts a long time, and doesn't have lactose or casein. It tastes really good too. You can use it for cooking, and also for your skin and hair. That's why many people like using it for cooking—it's healthy and useful in many ways.

We're here to talk about the differences between ghee and butter from our viewpoint. We're sure about what we say! If you want to see for yourself, you can try our Amisaar Ghee.

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